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It took an outsider to change a school from the inside

It took an outsider to change a school from the inside

Tap-water facilities within a week, improved toilet facilities for girl students, computer and stitching classes, a lot has changed in this school in Jhadol ever since Mohanlal Mathuria took over as headmaster. But it wasn’t easy. After 22 years as a senior head teacher, Mohanlal Mathuria joined as principal in his current school in Jhadol. Though he was very proactive, he was treated as an outsider by his teachers as well as the community as his origins were not of the same village. The lack of cooperation from his staff de-motivated him. When Mohanlal signed up for Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP), the Piramal Fellow helped him draft the ‘My Dream School Plan’. Mohanlal collaborated with NGO to get resources for the school and organized leadership training workshops for headmasters and teachers. He started spending a lot more time with children and engaging with all national festivals and programs actively. All this not just changed the school but also deep rooted perceptions. Students also enjoyed coming to school and participating in activities.

Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership’s(PFEL) Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP) has been designed as a three year Leadership Development Program to provide holistic training and development to school principals to improve learning quality in their schools. It initiates principals of primary government schools to experientially understand and develop skills to more effectively manage and lead their schools. The PLDP curriculum is aimed at building the principal’s capacity through a combination of forum training, onsite coaching and peer learning networks. Piramal Fellowship a two year fellowship program for fresh college graduates who work with the rural school principals enrolled in PLDP and help them turnaround failing schools and in turn recognize and develop their leadership skills.

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