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A glass of water became a lane of opportunities.

A glass of water became a lane of opportunities.

Kavita is a housewife who lives in Sawda Ghevra JJ colony with her four children and husband. Kavita's youngest daughter, Bharti who was just 7 months old contracted a severe case of diarrhoea. Bharti refused to respond to treatments and this caused considerable strain on the limited financial resources. The emotional trauma of her 7 month old baby suffering despite was not helping either. Her doctor recommended Piramal Sarvajal. Kavita started buying 15 litres of water every day.

The results so impressed Kavita that she started buying water for the entire family and convinced the 11 families in her community to do the same. She says proudly, "We can go without TV for a few days but not Piramal Sarvajal".

Piramal Sarvajal’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and safe drinking water to populations in India where water quality is poor and availability is limited. Sarvajal is committed to providing pure and safe drinking water for the under-served at an ultra-affordable price.

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