Piramal Stories

The biggest satisfaction of the Piramal Foundation initiatives is when the impact is visible on ground zero. When we look at the number of lives we can change by changing the circumstances that have persisted for generations, we get the inspiration to keep going.

  • Jatin was pregnant with worries. Sarathi 104 helped him deliver

    jatin was pregnant with worrie...

    Jatin Das quickly realized that pregnancy can be an overwhelming stage in your life in the absence of aid from experts. Fortunately Piramal Swasthya was on call to help him negotiate this important life stage

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  • It took an outsider to change a school from the inside

    it took an outsider to change ...

    Tap-water facilities within a week, improved toilet facilities for girl students, computer and stitching classes, a lot has changed in this school in Jhadol ever since Mohanlal Mathuria took over as headmaster

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  • A glass of water became a lane of opportunities.

    a glass of water became a lane...

    Kavita is a housewife who lives in Sawda Ghevra JJ colony with her four children and husband. Kavita's youngest daughter, Bharti who was just 7 months old contracted a severe case of diarrhoea

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