The Piramal community has adopted the ancient, universal symbol of the Gyan Mudra as its brand icon. The Gyan Mudra is an aesthetic hand posture practiced in yoga, meditation and dance for more than 3,000 years. Each finger represents one of the five elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Sky). Harmonizing with each other, they aspire to form a circle of perfection, peace and happiness, so important in Zen and in ancient Indian science.

Piramal Knowledge Action Care

In our logo the three vertical fingers of the Gyan Mudra represent our core values of Knowledge, Action, Care & Impact
Also, in our Gyan Mudra the idea of the wrist is clear but the hand is not in a perfect circle, the small 'a' in the Piramal typeface is unfinished signifying that while we aspire to be perfect, we recognize that there will be a distance to travel towards perfection.

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