At Piramal Group, our core values of Knowledge, Action and Care have been an integral part of our guiding philosophy. These values represent our deeply held beliefs and define us at the individual as well as organizational levels.

Shaped by our past and collective experience, they determine how we engage with others, what we identify with and what we love and value.

We encourage a deep understanding of these core values and believe in institutionalizing them across our entire organization so as to build a distinctive Piramal culture.

  • Knowledge


    Expertise l Innovation

    • We strive for a deeper understanding of our domain.
    • We aspire to do things creatively.
  • Action


    Entrepreneurship l Integrity

    • We are empowered to act decisively and create value.
    • We are consistent in our thought, speech and action.
  • Care


    Trusteeship l Humility

    • We protect and enhance the interests of our customers, community, employees, partners and shareholders.
    • We aspire to be the best, yet strive to be humble.
  • The world of the Piramal Group

    Stories that reflect our core values.

  • Paving a better path

    Addressing the pressing issues of India.

  • Aspirations with a difference

    Get closer to our work culture

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