Credit Rating

Name of the instrument Current Rating Chronology of Rating History for the Past 3 years
  Type Rating Outstanding Month-year & Rating in FY2017 Month-year & Rating in FY2016 Month-year & Rating in FY2015
    Apr-18 Oct-17 Jun-17 Feb-17 Feb-16 Jul-14
NCD Long Term [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable)
CP Short Term [ICRA]A1+
Fund Based Long Term [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable)
Term Loans Long Term [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable) [ICRA]AA (Stable)
Non-fund based Short Term [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+
Fund based Short Term [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+ [ICRA]A1+