Unblocking our nation’s socio-economic potential is crucial to our growth and development. This is why we at Piramal Foundation consider it our most prestigious endeavour to develop innovative solutions that help resolve India’s critical issues. All the activities carried out are strongly reflective of our core values - Knowledge, Action, Care, and Impact, which help imbibe sustainability in all developmental works.

We collaborate with partners on the same wavelength, who believe in nurturing projects that are scalable and ensure long-term benefits to all parties, including the society at large. We affirm a considerable positive change and hence invest heavily in transforming health, education, water and social sector ecosystems through high impact solutions, thought leadership and partnerships.

Each social initiative nurtured by Piramal Foundation lies within
one of the focus areas – Healthcare, Education and Water.

Champions of change

Innovative solutions to resolve pressing issues in India

Automating social responsibility

Engaging technology to promote accountability and transparency

From scalability to sustainability

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