FY2011 to FY2016

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Pharma Solutions
  • Upgraded various facilities to meet FDA & EHS standards
  • Enhanced capacity utilisation of Digwal and Pithampur plants
  • Acquired Oxygen Bio-Research – enhanced capability of Discovery Services
  • Customer segmentation – consolidated relationship with big pharma companies and started looking for small, mid-size companies and Biotech firm for appropriate segments of the business.
  • Strengthened investments in R&D
  • Commenced investments to double capacity at Discovery services, and to expand capacity & capability at Grangemouth
  • Acquired Coldstream and expanding capacity & capability
  • Completed capacity expansion at Discovery Services and Grangemouth
  • Increased investments in APIs business
  • Improved development business pipeline with several Phase III opportunities
  • Recognised multiple times for quality and compliance
  • Launched QUEST initiative towards creating a Quality culture
Critical Care
  • Global market share increased to 8%
  • Sevoflurane US market share increased to 25%
  • Registered Sevoflurane in most European countries
  • Increased Sevoflurane production at Bethlehem
  • Doubled Isoflurane production capacity at Digwal
  • Increased market share for Sevoflurane in US to 30% in volume terms
  • >50% market share in key EMs
  • Sevoflurane launched in European countries
  • Global market share increased to 12%
  • Entered in UK and took Sevoflurane market share to 42%
  • Sevoflurane market share in Japan increased to 56%
  • Sevoflurane launched in Saudi Arabia, Germany & Malaysia
  • Co-promotion agreement with Cumberland to sell branded hospital products in the US
Consumer Products
  • Launched TRI-ACTIV, i-can and i-know during the period
  • Towns Presence - 481 towns
  • Retail outlets - 200,000
  • Chemist outlets - 100,000
  • Acquired ‘Caladryl’ from Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Launched Lacto Calamine Reneu, Lacto Calamine Sun Screen, extensions of Jungle Magic brand of perfumes, Jungle Magic Mosquito Bandtiz and QuikKool
  • Towns presence - 481 towns
  • Retail outlets - 2,30,000
  • Chemist outlets - 1,40,000
  • Acquired Baby-care brand Little's
  • Acquired 5 brands in gastro-Intestinal segment
  • Agreed to acquire 4 brands from Pfizer in May 2016
  • Launched Stop AllerG, Thoratsil & Untox
  • Towns presence - 1,500 towns
  • Retail outlets - 350,000
  • Chemist outlets - 220,000
Financial Services
  • Entered Financial Services by acquiring Indiareit
  • Commenced lending to real estate sector
  • Acquired stake in Vodafone India for ₹5,864 Crores
  • Closing Loan book was ₹350 Crores
  • Closing AUM was ₹3,857 Crores
  • Entered strategic alliance with CPPIB
  • Started Special Situations investment arm
  • Acquired ~10% stake in STFC
  • Closing Loan book ₹2,861 Crores
  • Closing AUM was ₹7,569 Crores
  • Integrated Real Estate PE & lending arms
  • Special Situations commenced investing in sectors other than infrastructure
  • Sold stake in Vodafone for ₹8,900 Crores
  • Acquired 20% stake in SCL and ~10% stake in SCUF
  • Mr. Ajay Piramal became Chairman of SCL
  • Entered strategic alliance with APG
  • Started construction financing
  • Closing Loan book - ₹13,048 Crores
  • Closing AUM - ₹8,717 Crores
Information Management  
  • Entered Information Management business by acquiring DRG
  • Acquired Abacus International, UK
  • Acquired Relay Technologies Management
  • Business restructured as integrated organisation
  • Entered payers and providers market
  • Opened two India offices
  • Acquired Activate Networks, Healthcare Business Insights and Adaptive Software

Note: NCE R&D Unit was shut down in FY2015

Business-wise Revenue Trend (₹ Crores)

Operating Profit and Margin Trend

Net Profit and Margin Trend

Note: 1. FY2015 Net profit includes exceptional gain on sale of 11% stake in Vodafone India partly offset by the amount written down on account of scaling back of our investments in NCE Research