Corporate Structure

IN FY2016


Created a large diversified company with strong positioning in Financial Services, Healthcare and Information Management businesses

Post the Company started its next transformational journey in 2011, in last five years, we have built a large and robust Financial Services platform, with significant exposure to both wholesale and retail financing. The Company’s total investments and funds under management have increased from ₹4,207 Crores in FY2012 to ₹26,348 Crores in FY2016

Simultaneously, we significantly scaled up our remaining healthcare businesses. The revenue of Healthcare businesses has grown at a CAGR of 17% over last five years, from ₹1,987 Crores in FY2012 to ₹3,588 Crores in FY2016.

In 2012, the Company also entered the US-based Information Management business, with an objective of geographical and currency diversification. Contrary to the market, we expected the US dollar to appreciate in future, while carrying out this acquisition.

Since FY2012, the Company’s revenue and net profits grew at a CAGR of 29% and 71%, respectively.

Piramal Enterprises


Total Revenue:
₹3,558 Crores

Pharma Solutions

₹2,290 Crores

Critical Care

₹876 Crores

Consumer Products

₹393 Crores


Molecular Imaging -
R&D Portfolio

Financial Services

Total Deployment:
₹26,348 Crores

Wholesale Lending

Loan Book:
₹13,048 Crores

Alternative AUM

Alternative AUM
₹8,717 Crores

Investments in Shriram

Amount Invested:
₹4,583 Crores

Information Management

Total Revenue:
₹1,156 Crores


CY2015 Revenue:
$178 million

₹24,948 Crores

Market Capitalisation as on 31 May, 2016

₹5,591 Crores

Capital Returned till 31 May, 2016

₹30,539 Crores

Total value created till 31 May, 2016