Constantly Building Businesses

  • Moving Global Pharma Services up the value chain
  • Scaled up the Real Estate Developer Financing
  • Significantly growing the Consumer Products business
  • Transforming Inhalation Anaesthesia to Hospital Generic Products business
  • Expanding Healthcare Insight and Analytics business to address the evolving needs of payers and providers markets as well
  • M&A – Another engine for our growth
  • Significantly expanding the scope of Corporate Financing platform
  • Organically building Retail Housing Finance business
  • Developing an in-house Distressed Asset Fund
  • Building a robust CSR model that constantly creates replicable solutions through innovations and partnerships

Till date, the Company has successfully built 8 businesses (i.e. Domestic Formulations, Real Estate Developer Financing, Corporate Financing, Critical Care, Pharma Solutions, Consumer Products, Healthcare Insight & Analytics and Lab Diagnostics) across multiple sectors and 2 new businesses (Housing Finance and Distressed Asset Fund) are currently in the built-up phase.

M&A – Another engine for our growth

Company has made over 50 acquisitions till date. Most of these acquisitions were successful.

Significant capital invested – Invested half a billion dollar in various acquisitions over last two years.

Acquired niche facilities – Over the last two years, we acquired niche capabilities in the US into sterile injectable and High Potency APIs (HPAPIs).

Acquired differentiated pharma products – Acquired niche differentiated products (injectable anaesthesia and pain management products from Janssen and intrathecal spasticity and pain management drugs from Mallinckrodt) having high entry barriers and generating higher profitability margins.

Acquired consumer brands / products – Acquired three brand portfolios (i.e. 5 MSD brands, 4 Pfizer brands and Little’s portfolio) to leverage the India-wide distribution network built over last few years.

Acquisitions by Healthcare Insight and Analytics business – DRG has made few acquisitions to expand its existing offerings, fosters product innovation, adds capabilities and expands reach to new markets.

Successful Integration – Company made several acquisitions over past few years. Most of these acquisitions have been successfully integrated with the business and are expected to create significant synergies in years to come.

M&A Strategy – We actively look for inorganic opportunities and are willing to invest where we believe the opportunities will grow our footprint across the businesses we operate in and will add value for our various stakeholders.