Constant innovation driving operational excellence


  • With the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act being notified across 9 states and gradually being implemented in India’s other states and union territories, the real estate platform is ready to launch a RERA Sustainable Package that has been designed keeping in mind the enhanced compliance on the part of developers.
  • Through its flexi LRD (Lease Rent Discounting) product, the Company is targeting owners and holders of marquee assets and offering them a form of finance that is both competitive and flexible. It enables them to raise more money against the same asset, compared with traditional forms of LRD.
  • Since renewable energy is a relatively new sector, PEL realised that companies were struggling with the classical issue of diluting now for growth instead of delivering the right valuation, despite having strong operating asset portfolios. CFG innovated a product which was funding growth based on the security of operating assets, thus providing a viable alternative to equity financing.


  • PEL’s leading capabilities in drug product development and manufacturing, along with the ability to seamlessly blend operations across geographies with flexible scheduling to reduce delivery timelines, has resulted in an integrated offering. It is attractive to both big pharma and biotech.
  • Implementation of 'Shop Floor Transformation' Programme at the Bethlehem and Digwal plant locations. In each location people are trained on how to identify and analyse problems to visualise and implement creative solutions. As a result of these efforts, yield, throughput, and quality parameters in Sevoflurane and Isoflurane API and bottling efforts improved further. These initiatives enabled the Company to sustain gross margins, despite a declining price environment.
  • Implementation of new continuous manufacturing process for important bottleneck steps of the Sevoflurane process, which were previously made in batch manufacturing mode. Once fully operational, the new line will provide multiple benefits, including enhanced capacity, better yield, lower production costs, higher automation, and lower cycle time.
  • Implementation of a new bottle filling technology at Digwal improved the speed, capacity of filling and filling accuracy, which reduced variation and product wastage.
  • Launched Polycrol (antacid) in Paan flavour, a unique flavour that caters to the nuanced palate of Indian consumers and provides quick relief from acidity. It is tasty, non-chalky and an alternative to the pink mint based antacids sold in the market. Polycrol is one of the leading antacid brands in Eastern India and is known for its strong efficacy to solve acidity in minutes.


  • Launched a new dynamic, web-based delivery platform for all DRG research reports. DRG’s delivery modality has shifted dramatically from large, static research reports to digitally delivered, modular content that enables clients to obtain ‘just in time’ answers.
  • Leveraging India positioning: 250 employees on board in India offices across business units resulting in reduced company costs, skills augmentation and margin enhancement opportunities.