Jonathan Sandler

CEO, Decision Resources Group

Mr. Jon Sandler is the CEO of Decision Resources Group, which offers high-value data, analytics and insights products and services to the healthcare industry. He joined Piramal in 2011 and also serves as Managing Director of IndUS Growth Partners, Piramal’s North American strategic investment affiliate. Prior to joining Piramal, he was the Vice Chairman of The Kessler Group, a Boston-based firm providing creative marketing, investment banking and principal investing solutions to the global credit card industry.

Mr. Sandler began his career as an investment banker at Bankers Trust Company in New York and then as a strategy consultant with the MAC Group in Cambridge. He received a BA and MBA from Harvard University.

Ajay Piramal

Chairman, Piramal Group

Nandini Piramal

Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

Vijay Shah

Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises
Director, Piramal Glass
Chairman, Piramal Glass Ceylon Plc.

Khushru Jijina

Managing Director, Piramal Finance Ltd.
Managing Director, Piramal Housing Finance Ltd

Vivek Sharma

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Harinder S. Sikka

Group Director - Strategic Business

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Managing Director, India Resurgence Fund (India RF)

Anand Piramal

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Srinivas Chunduru

Executive Director, Piramal Housing Finance Ltd

Paresh Parasnis

CEO, Piramal Foundation

S.K. Honnesh

Group General Counsel, Piramal Group

Vikram Bector

President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Piramal Enterprises Limited

Management Advisors

Shikhar Ghosh

Professor, Harvard Business School

Nitin Nohria

Dean, Harvard Business School