Strengthening government education at grass-root levels

Strengthening government education at grass-root levels

Primary Education plays a vital role in imparting knowledge to the masses and charting the course of their future and economy as a whole. While numerous efforts are being made at improving the state of primary education in India, government schools struggle to find even a moderate attendance of students owing to a significant lack of good-quality teachers and staff.

Piramal School of Leadership represents our efforts to change this scenario and contribute positively to the quality of education in India. The Principal Leadership Development Program (PLDP) is a first-of-its-kind initiative that provides holistic leadership training and support to public school headmasters, enabling them to improve the quality of education in their respective schools. PDLP runs in tandem with the Piramal Fellowship Program, in which young fellows aid the headmasters in initiating and implementing the process of change in the institutions.

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Caring for the communities we operate in

Caring for the communities we operate in

We care for the communities we operate in. Recently in Sri Lanka, Piramal Glass set up a new high capacity Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at an investment of USD 190,000. This plant will recycle over 750 cubic meters of water per day to ensure preservation of water and to meet the glass bottle manufacturing requirements.

Our bottle manufacturing is an environment friendly process. Broken Glass (known as “cullet” in the glass industry) is also used as a raw material in the manufacturing process.

The Piramal Glass plant in Sri Lanka annually consumes almost 20,000 tons of broken glass, collected from all parts of the Island at a cost of over USD 760,000. The glass bottle manufacturing plant has a production capacity of 250 tons of glass per day and over 225 million bottles per year. 

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Making clean water more accessible

Making clean water more accessible

150 million people in India do not yet have access to clean drinking water, and 40 million die due to water borne diseases every year.  We also lose an estimated 73 million working days, erasing USD 600 million in economic value. Sarvajal is a social enterprise that we run to provide an innovative and technology-centric answer to this problem. 

Started in 2009, Sarvajal provides affordable clean drinking water to 100,000 people on a daily basis and provides employment to over 250 people. The price of water per liter is INR 30 paisa (0.006 USD or less). 

At present we run 150 filtration plants including Water ATMs. The water conforms to the international drinking water quality standard, ISO 10500. Two patents for this technological innovation have also been filed.

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The foundation of the Piramal Group

The foundation of the Piramal Group


Expertise: We strive for a deeper understanding of our domain. 

Innovation: We aspire to do things creatively.


Entrepreneurship: We are empowered to act decisively and create value. 

Integrity: We are consistent in our thought, speech and action.


Trusteeship: We protect and enhance the interests of our customers, community, employees, partners and shareholders.

​Humility: We aspire to be the best, yet strive to be humble.


Deploying Capital Management expertise for social growth

Deploying Capital Management expertise for social growth

Piramal Fund Management Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely positioned as a perpetual source of capital across the entire capital stack for its development partners. Encouraged by the performance and learning’s from historic General Purpose Funds, the platform has designed ‘special situation’ mandates to innovatively deliver superior returns.

Mumbai Redevelopment Fund (MRF) is a direct result of our late stage investment in a slum rehabilitation project. MRF specifically targets redevelopment opportunities in Mumbai that allow developers to ‘manufacture’ land parcels in a market where clear lands are virtually nonexistent.

This ‘first to market’ fund is the only source of institutional capital available in this previously neglected asset class. MRF takes the ‘last mile’ risk with its development partner after a thorough diligence and predefining exit options to mitigate risks and unlock asset value. The capital management expertise also has high impact social benefits by helping in creating employment opportunities and raising the standard of living.

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Enabling big innovations in healthcare

Enabling big innovations in healthcare

Decision Resources Group (DRG) provides consultancy to healthcare institutions to create innovations that help them meet their patient’s requirements.

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts (USA), DRG has a pool of over 200 MDs, PhDs, pharmacists, and management professionals who draw insight from a network of 125,000 physicians.  We are primarily focused on providing information products in the bio-pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, which together represent a USD 2.5 billion market opportunity.

DRG counts 48 of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies as customers and is proud that many of the biggest names in the global healthcare industry rely on its data, analytics and insights to make critical decisions that affect the future of their business.

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